Due to technical issues behind the scenes, we regret that we must cancel The 2013 Spook Show Con. We will have new announcements involving the reschedule of the world premier films in the near future. Thank you all for your understanding.

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“Dirty Sanchez” ***WORLD PREMIER*** At Spook Show Con 2013!


A young loving couple decides to have a nice romantic weekend ,but the local crazy gardener SANCHEZ has bloody plans for these love birds.


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“IDLE” ***WORLD PREMIER*** – 2013 Spook Show Con!


As Jackie dives deeper into the world of drug use, his relationships and sanity begin to crumble around him.

"Idle" to World Premier at The 2013 Spook Show Con on November 16th 2013!

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“BREAKING FATE” ***WORLD PREMIER*** – 2013 Spook Show Con!

breaking fate

After an encounter with a prostitute makes for an unintended end, Jason finds something out about himself that will change his life forever. He must quickly decide if he will accept this new mind and body-altering condition, or choose to change his fate for good. Will Jason dare to be selfless or selfish; either way, both will eventually lead to a very painful ending.

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“BALLOON FEAST” ***WORLD PREMIER*** – 2013 Spook Show Con!

balloon feast poster

Tommy’s (Andrew Jacob DeHart) life is forever changed when a mysterious girl (Clarisse Behr) comes into his life. When Tommy reports to the bar for work, he finds an unconscious woman in the parking lot. Determined to help, he brings her into the bar only to find that this mysterious woman is about to bring him into a world of darkness and depravity. Bring your appetite for the Feast and try not to burst the balloon!

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“ANXIETY” ***WORLD PREMIER*** – 2013 Spook Show Con!


More than 19 million people around the world suffer from anxiety. The script was written by Kevin Bui in dedication to them. Producer / Director Willy Adkins himself suffers with anxiety disorder. This film is being produced to show support for those with this condition and to give others a peek at what it can be like.

Anxiety Scheduled to World Premier Nov. 16th at Spook Show Con!

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“COMMON LAW” – **WORLD PREMIER** @ Spook Show Con 2012!

David (Michael Schmid), a child of a broken home now in his thirties, has never quite recovered from the day his daddy walked out on the family. If only daddy was married to mommy, he might have stuck around long enough to see young David grow up. Outraged at the fact that nobody in society seems to enforce the old rule of Common Law Marriage, David enlists his childhood pal Russ (Chad Foor) to help him execute what an agreement with the Governor will now let him do: legally bind marriage upon unsuspecting people who just happen to have lived together for more than 7 years. When two lifelong friends (Laura Locascio, Phranque Wright) who quite simply just have a unique living arrangement are first on the target list, will the fit hit the shan?

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“LOST SOUL” – **WORLD PREMIER** @ Spook Show Con 2012!

"Lost Soul" is the story of a young man who wakes up in a strange house not knowing how or why he got there. As he looks around the house for whatever he can find to shed light on his situation, he finds a ghost-like figure pursuing him. Unable to leave the building, he looks for clues to find some way of escaping before the ghost is able to gain enough strength and corner him.

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“IT’S ALL GOOD” – **WORLD PREMIER** @ Spook Show Con 2012!

It't All Good is a dramatic-comedy about a the trials and tribulations of getting a new roommate and how to deal with his shenanigans.

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“BOUNDARIES” – **WORLD PREMIER** @ Spook Show Con 2012!

BOUNDARIES, an intense psychological thriller, that follows Jon, a victim of an abusive relationship; who’s suffering from night terrors that are linked too close to reality. When Jon is forced to confront his manipulative girlfriend, Sirena, he’ll come face to face with his inner demons. Will he know when to draw the line?

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